Caney Fork

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  •  Wild Trout fishing 
  •  Nearby historic Jadaculla Rock 
  •  Pay attention to "local directions"

The Local Scoop

We recommend Caney Fork to the more adventurous angler. Most of this stream is protected by private property for most of it's length making access to it fairly difficult. However, we suggest traveling the entire 13.4 miles from Cullowhee and along the stream (following the local directions closely). Here the access is "legal" and puts you on National Forest land, which is open to public use. Once you arrive at the old forest road mentioned in the directions you'll want to park on it. You'll see signs closer to the creek saying "Do not block", but you really have no other choice but to block the old road due to the private land that leads up to this access. We never suggest parking on private land unless you have the owner's permission. Once you park simply walk up the old road bed to where it crosses the creek. There used to be a bridge over this section of the creek but it has been washed out and the only way to get across is by wading the shallow water. You'll still need to be focused on your footing because there is a decent sized cascade/falls below where you'll be crossing. I would recommend starting your fishing here. The last time I was here, I caught a fish out of the first little "hole" above where I crossed the creek. Just above where I suggest you start your fishing (approx. 0.6 mile), Piney Mountain Creek and Rough Butt Creek come together to form the headwaters of Caney Fork. Either of these two tributary streams make for great wild trout fishing as well. You can either fish up stream from where you access Caney Fork or you can hike up the old forest road road that follows Caney Fork and then turns up Rough Butt Creek for more access opportunities. In the end you really can't go wrong as far as quality fishing goes. Be careful here, you are in the "backcountry" and quite a ways away from any towns if an emergency occured. We also recommend visiting the nearby "Jadaculla Rock" either on your way in or on the way out. Check out "POI" Jadaculla Rock (under Explore/Historic) for more information.

The Local Directions

From Cullowhee, NC and Western Carolina University (just off of N.C. Hwy-107) take N.C. Hwy-107 South for 3.8 miles to Caney Fork Road. Take a Left onto Caney Fork Road and wind your way along Caney Fork for 9.4 miles. Here the road will split. To your left the pavement continues for a couple hundred yards and turns to gravel. Do not go this way. Instead go Right onto Rough Butte Road (gravel). Avoid the driveways over the creek on your RIght, but continue up past a fenced field and house. You'll see a faint Forest Road to the Right of the home's driveway. This is your access point. If in a 4 x 4 you can drive up to where the old bridge has washed out and park.

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Distance From
FROM (Town): Cullowhee, 13.4 miles HIKE: Forest Road Access
35.324912, -83.036985

Tuckasegee, NC 28783
Jackson County