Park Creek

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  •  N.C. Wildlife Valid License required 
  •  Limit of 4 fish with a minimum of 7 inches per 
  •  Wild Trout Creek with Brown Trout Dominance 
  •  The fish in this creek are brilliantly colored 
  •  One of two creeks in this area that are designated "Wild Natural Bait
  •  Partolled closely by wildlife management

The Local Scoop

Park Creek is a gorgeous little creek flowing out of the Nantahala National Forest and into Nantahala River. This creek is designated as "Wild Natural Bait" waters and the use of any naturally occuring bait is acceptable. The use of bait such as corn is NOT allowed. You can keep up to 4 fish for yourself and they will need to be a minimum size of 7 inches in length. This area is heavily patrolled by the U.S. Forest Service so do not abuse your fishing privelages. This creek is also one of my favorite to fish in the Standing Indian Area. It would be devastating to me if I knew that folks were abusing this creek due to my recommendation. You will most certainly catch Brown trout here. They seem to dominate the population along with Rainbow trout being a distant second. This creek never really gets steep and is fairly open for this area's standards. However, this doesn't mean that you won't get your line tangled and twisted around a few rhododendrons, so be patient. The Park Creek Trail follows the creek for approx. 2 miles so you will have multiple exit points when you decide to leave. Simply pick up the trail and follow it out to where you started fishing from and back to the main Standing Indian Campground and parking.

The Local Directions

From intersection of U.S. Hwy-64 W and U.S. Hwy-23/441 North in Franklin take Hwy-64 W towards Murphy, NC for 12 miles. At just before the 12th mile you should see a Brown sign for "Wallace Gap", "Appalachian Trail" & "Standing Indian Campground" with arrows pointing you towards West Old Murphy Road(SR 1448) on your left. Stay on W.Old Murphy Rd. for 2 miles. You'll pass a Nantahala National Forest Sign for the campground saying "500 Ft Ahead", and at 2 miles you'll be at FR #67 (Forest Road) to your right (indicated by a small, skinny Brown sign at the beginning of the road). Continue 1.8 miles on FR 67 until you come to a fork in the road. To your right will be the entrance to "Standing Indian Campground", avoid the right and continue on FR 67 to the left. In about 0.3 mile the road will turn to gravel at the Backcounrty Info Kiosk. Park here, it's free. Trail starts at Backcountry Kiosk on F.R. 67 and comes out in the campground near the main bridge over the Nantahala River.  Go over the bridge and take the immediate right. Follow this trail along with Park Creek Trail & Park Ridge Trail.  At around 0.3 mile you come to a sign for "Kimsey Creek Trail" that cuts back to your left. Avoid going left here, instead go right along the Park Creek Trail & Park Ridge Trail. Hike approx. 2 miles until you come to Park Creek (the first good sized creek) flowing in from your left. Start fishing here.

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Difficulty Levels

  • Fishing9/5What's this?
  • Hike7What's this?
35.08840, -83.53957
Difficult via U.S. Hwy-64/
Old Murphy Road/
Forest Road #67/
Park Creek Trail 
Hike Distance
1.9 miles (one-way)
Nearest City
Macon County
Distance From
Franklin, 15.8 miles
(Trailhead Parking)