Devils Courthouse

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  •  Devils Courthouse sits at an Elevation of 5720 ft on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  •  Located at Mile Post 422.4 w/overlook from parking lot as well as at summit 
  •  20 minute walk/hike up a partially paved trail to summit & overlook, with short but fairly steep incline half way through
  •  View 4 states from overlook NC, SC, GA & TN 
  •  Informative "plaques" at the summit's overlook with distances to well-known peaks both near and far 
  •  Picnic Table near parking lot
  •  Rare plants like the Rock Gnome and the Spreading Avens live on Devil's Courthouse
  •  Numerous pull-offs nearby with picnic tables, etc. that make for nice rest area to stretch legs or have a snack

The Local Scoop

The Devil's Courthouse Overlook and Trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway, provides an outstanding vantage point for endless views into the Blue Ridge countryside. We recommend this trail to anyone willing to hike up the steep but mainly paved grade to the summit. It takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes depending upon your fitness level. When at the top you will have views of up to four states as well as multiple peaks of prominance both near and far. Be sure to check out the metal plaques that the park has placed at the summit detailing which direction you're looking in and what it is exactly you're looking at. This really helps you get a grasp of where you are and how being at over 5700 feet of elevation allows you to see for miles and miles. Also, there is folk lore related to Devil's Courthouse due to it's devilish look, and is related to another POI on our website, Judaculla Rock. There is said to be a cave within the mountain where, legend claims, the devil holds court. In Cherokee lore, this cave is the private dancing chamber and dwelling place of the slant-eyed giant, Judaculla. However, we have neither explored or found a cave in this area and we highly recommend staying within the alloted trail and viewing area while at the summit. This area can be extremely dangerous if you go beyond the rock wall at the top.
Another note is that you will pass a sign placed by the National Park Service along the trail that tells visitors to stay on the path at all times due to the rare and delicate plant life that only lives at altitudes like those of the parkway. But above all, enjoy the wonderful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains while standing atop of the Devil's Courthouse!

The Local Directions

From Dillsboro/Sylva take US Hwy 74/23 (Great Smoky Mountains Expressway) East towards Waynesville/Asheville. From Exit 85 just outside of Sylva travel 9 miles to the Blue Ridge Parkway Access on the Left. Continue through the Parkway gates and up the hill for 0.5 mile to a split in the road. Go Left towards Asheville for 22.1 miles to the overlook parking on your Right.

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Difficulty Levels

  • Hike6What's this?
35.30276, -82.89556
Hike Distance
1 mile (roundtrip)
Easy via the Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 422
Nearest City
Jackson County
Distance From
Sylva, 31.6 miles